Current Non-Fitness Favorites


Hey guys, today is something having nothing to do with health or fitness.

I thought it would be really fun to share with you guys my current summer faves. I know technically it’s not summer, esp on the east coast, but it is finally getting warmer, and so let’s just call me a little overzealous. So without too much more rambling let's jump into my beauty, and fashion must-haves.

london ootd #3.jpeg

I have never been a polka dot girl, I don’t know why, but ever since I was little I just was NOT a fan.

I have a few pieces from this brand and love all of them. Remember any off-the-shoulder or white and blue striped button down I always wear?



Ever since the Accutane my skin is dry, dry, dry.

Everyone I know who has used this moisturizer says they love the smell, but personally I can’t stand it.

To me it smells like old school Bazooka Bubble Gum, but like, really stale bubble gum. I was not aware I could smell “stale” until now, but in fact I can. I guess this should be a testament to how much I love this product because I use it all the time regardless.

The mask I brought I got from a gift set. I will say, the set is a really good one; totally worth it.

current summer faves skincare.jpeg

Now you’re probably wondering what that weird potentially inappropriate pink thing is.

Are you ready? Ok, it is an at-home facial cupping tool. I bought a cupping set from Amazon for less than $20 (a literal steal). 

Cupping in general has a whole host of benefits, e.g., improve circulation and reducing inflammation.

And as we all know when I fly, I turn into a BLOWFISH. It is not a cute look. Ideally, I would love to get a lymphatic drainage facial after every flight, but TBH that’s just not in my budget. I discovered this at home facial cupping from Allie Sevdalis.  I will link her video where she shows using the cups. I would go into detail here, but I think she does an excellent job, and I love to give credit where credit is due.

This little cup does wonders to de-puff blowfishness, and is so easy to travel with.

Really quick side story? Ok. Once I was going through security and had this cup in my travel makeup bag and because I get patted down or have my bag searched, no joke, every single time, TSA found this little guy and gave me the STRANGEST look. I went to explain to her and before I could get two words out she said, “honey, what you do in your own private time is none of my business.” Awkward.

current non fitness faves text.jpg

This is something a little different for me.  I was going to post about my flat tummy tips and how to do de-bloat post air travel, but then, I got stuck in an internet black hole of favorites videos. It dawned on me that although they do not seem to be as possible as they used to be, I am still a big, big fan of these videos.

I am nosy, and the internet allows me to be even more so.

London ootd #1.jpeg

Ok, on to to my favorites.

Let’s start with what you can see in the pic.

For starters, the dress.

london ootd #3.jpeg

It was love at first sight.

90% are from this brand.

london ootd #5.jpeg

It’s a bit low cut and if you’re bigger on the top it can be quite cleavage-y. So I paired this red lace bodysuit underneath it.  

I have been going through a real love affair with bodysuits, esp lace ones.

The sneakers in the pic are actually a re-purchase (you can see them in my Miami OOTD).

Is it a faux-pas that I am drawing attention to the fact that I re-wear items?

I hope not, because TBH, if I like something, I wear it, a lot. I want to get my money’s worth, you know?

The jacket is back from my retail days, so it’s definitely not available, but here are some similar white denim jacket options.

 This jacket is actually on my wish list in the light wash denim

lonond ootd #2.jpeg

Now moving onto favorites not pictured in the outfit.

current summer faves.jpeg


Since it’s getting warmer, I love to have a good gold glow and contour, or at least fake it. The two products I love are oldies, but, my ride or dies. NARS "Laguna" Bronzer, and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft and Gentle" (throwbacks, right?)

Now, let's talk lippies

This next product is like the Dior Lip Glow, only better. It says it is a plumping lip balm, but really I think it just feels a little tingly, (but just wait for the second product). It also says it turns to your custom shade based on the pH of your lips. This sounds super cool and science-y, but I feel like it just reacts to temperature. Either way I like the Big-O shade. It turns a pretty pink color on me. I feel like this whole post is me shouting other women out, but I am kinda loving it. I discovered this product from a women called KGMTL on Instagram. She has great health and nutrition tips, and not to mention bomb style and is gorgeous. You guys should definitely check her out.

I do love a good plump and since I feel like the Buxom lip balm doesn’t really do anything I like to layer this lip plumper on top. I can definitely see a change in my lips, and I swear I have become addicted to the tingly, bee-stingy sensation.

current summer faves lippies #2.jpeg

Aren't these temporary tattoos fun? I feel like they are a new take on those flash tattoos. 

And that is all of them.

How did I do with my first favorites? Now I am off to explore some more of London. Let me know what some of your favorites are?

rose and pizza.jpeg

Until next time,

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It dawned on me that although they do not seem to be as possible as they used to be, I am still a big, big fan of these videos.

Currently I am in London for work, and yesterday, I took the afternoon off to do a couple touristy things and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Also, side note, would you guys want to see my London recommendations? To be fair, I am no local, but I feel like I have found some really good, off-the-beaten path places to eat, drink, and shop.

london ootd #3.jpeg

Then, I discovered this girl on Instagram called Arielle Cristiana. She was wearing the shirt version of this dress

Anywho, to top it off, Bloomies was having a sale, so that let me justify purchasing this dress the SECOND I saw Arielle wearing the shirt version.



Now I may love fashion, and dabble in makeup, but when it comes to hair, I am the most low-maintenance, borderline lazy girl. When I first learned it was better for your hair not to wash it everyday/every other day, I think I did an actual happy dance.

I have the tools, the extensions, and the products, but it is a rare day that I use the majority of them. I have a few lazy-girl hair staples, and this dry shampoo is most definitely one of them.

Is this dry shampoo better than others I have tried? Yes.

Is it the best in the world? Meh, I have used comparable ones.

But guys, the scent of this one is the most amazing thing you will ever put in your hair (ok except some DryBar products, those are like hair crack to me as well as this CHI dry shampoo). But if you are a dry shampoo person, TRY this one, just smell it, and tell me you’re not obsessed, I dare you.

current summer faves reds.jpeg


Now let’s talk jewelry. First things first let me say, I have jumped on the hoops bandwagon. Per usual, I am a bit late, but I’m finally here. I love these ones from Topshop because they are affordable, but not so cheap that they will be gross and tarnish after a wear or two.

And I saved the ring and necklace for last. Why you ask? Well they were gifts, and as I was curating this list of favorites, it dawned on me they are not available anymore, I suck, I’m sorry.

I still wanted to include them because I have been liking the idea of a “semi-set” of matching  jewelry. I may have just made up the term semi-set, so let me explain. I like a two pieces of jewelry to match, not all of them. Otherwise I feel hyper-matchy-matchy and that I look as if I tried way too hard (even though wearing matching everything is honestly simpler than creating and “effortless” look, but that’s an issue for another time). I also love the look of layered necklaces. So we’ll call this last favorite a category more than specific items, ok?