Angela’s Journey


It took me forever to write this because I hateintroductions and also i'm a perfectionist...

a recipe for a snail’s pace process.  Also, did I forget to mention I’m a rambler who loves to talk? I wanted to include a separate post not about my credentials and my business mindset, but about my own journey of how I got to where I am today (the abridged version I promise.)

I’ve always been into working out and training my body to create the physique I wanted in my personal life. Cooking my favorite foods in a healthier yet still delicious way has always been a part of my lifestyle. I would often use my friends as guinea pigs, seeing if they could tell the difference between the “junk food” and my healthier recreation.  As a freshman in college at age 17, I had a plan. I was a pre-med biology major with aspirations to become a doctor—a neurologist to be exact. I took my MCAT, acquired clinical hours, volunteered, the whole nine-yards. Did I mention that my perfectionist tendencies bled all over my academic career? Getting anything less than an A was unacceptable and taking part in every honors society or club was a personal must to boost my CV. I planned to take a break between college and medical school to dedicate time to traveling and avoiding an academic burnout. The year off would be my time to recharge and mentally prepare myself to buckle down for the next million years of medical school—or so it felt like. 

As I was balancing 2 retail jobs simultaneously and filling out yet another retail application, something happened...

As I was sitting at the computer completely prepared to hit the “apply now” button, a voice inside me stopped me in my tracks. this voice has a very short message for me—“don’t you dare.” 

Up until that life-changing moment, I’d never experienced what I’ve heard so many others talk about—an inner voice that gave me direction. If I’m being completely honest, most of my life I’d always looked outward for what I should do when it comes to my career. I was always the type to thrive on a good checklist, the thought of making my own just never occurred to me. My whole life I had family, teachers, and bosses telling me what I should on both a large and small scale. Typically, being a girl who loved science and got good grades, everyone else decided that I should be a doctor. Somewhere along the line I forgot that it wasn’t my idea, just an idea that had been placed upon me. My mind at the time swirled with repeated thoughts; “A doctor is an impressive career. I want to be viewed as impressive & smart, I must want to be a doctor!” My logic professor would cringe if he read the structure of that internal argument. 

There were two things I was sure of,

I loved science and helping others.

I continued working my retail jobs, sometimes putting in 12 hour days. This was a stressful time that often conflicted with my ability to workout—one of my few escapes and activities in my life that I felt I had control of. One day, mid-shift while folding a pile of hideous shirts, it hit me. Health and fitness was such a big part of my life, so why not turn it into a career I’d truly be passionate about? 

I’d always been fascinated with fitness and learning what I could do to mold my body to match my goals. Over the years, I acquired so much knowledge that it only made sense to share my passion with others.

All these ideas hit me within seconds, it was then that I dropped the shirt I was folding, quit, and promised myself to never look back.

I instantly began researching ways that I could begin to help others with their fitness goals. From there I found the American College of Sports Medicine, and the rest was history. Addicted to learning and building onto my knowledge base, once I had one certification, I couldn’t stop. I was like a sponge, I wanted to absorb every ounce of information that I could. I still hold that drive today and infuse it into every part of my business. I jump at every chance I get to learn more skills that I can pass on to my clients. I love my path of spreading love, fitness, and health to others and enjoy every minute of it—even when it’s hard. In fact, the difficult moments are what remind me that I’m on the right path and everything that it took to get here. 

Flash forward to the present, I now have a personal training & macro coaching company. I get to hand-pick my clients and I truly love all of them.

The opportunity to have a personal stake in each of their successes & goals fuels my passion for Angel Athletics each and every day.

If you check out my blog, you can see not only my client’s journeys, but also glimpses into my own. Like you, I am also only human, consistently growing & learning while reaching my goals. If you have any additional questions, just drop me an e-mail so we can get the conversation started.